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Financial Education for Everyone

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Visa recognizes the importance of not only providing high-quality personal finance materials to those who need it, but also of being a leader in advancing the cause of financial literacy in our schools and for people of all ages by partnering with financial institutions, NGOs and policy makers. More than 250 central banks, ministries of finance, governments, consumer protection agencies and financial institutions have utilized Visa’s financial literacy resources to enhance their own programs. Using this expertise, Visa has advised and provided programs to central banks and ministries of finance around the world.

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Financial Games

financial soccer

Financial Soccer

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financial soccer

Financial Football

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Visa and States Team Up to Tackle Financial Literacy

Financial Football is a free, football-themed educational video game and classroom curriculum developed by Visa Inc. The game is part of a national educational campaign, now in its seventh season. Since 2006, Visa has reached agreements with forty-five states and the District of Columbia to distribute Financial Football to every high school and middle school in those states.

Financial Literacy Summit

Financial Literacy Summit

Visa and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago have co-hosted an annual Financial Literacy Summit since 2007. The program brings together international financial literacy experts who address potential solutions to improving financial literacy and capabilities globally.


The Practical Money Skills program is proud to partner with these organizations to promote financial literacy.

America Saves
Call for Action
Capital One
Center for American Progress
Consumer Action
Council for Exceptional Children
Democratic National Convention
District of Columbia
DuPont Community
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Harpo Studios
Institute for Financial Literacy
Junior Achievement
Life Smarts
National Credit Union Foundation
Navy Federal Credit Union
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
NYSE Euronext
Pennsylvania Treasury
Republican National Convention
Russia FIFA World Cup
Sovereign Santander
State of Alabama
State of Alaska
State of Arizona
State of Arkansas
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of Delaware
State of Florida
State of Georgia
State of Hawaii
State of Idaho
State of Illinois
State of Indiana
State of Iowa
State of Kansas
State of Kentucky
State of Louisiana
State of Maine
State of Maryland
State of Massachusetts
State of Michigan
State of Minnesota
State of Mississippi
State of Missouri
State of Montana
State of Nebraska
State of Nevada
State of New Hampshire
State of New Jersey
State of New Mexico
State of New York
State of North Carolina
State of North Dakota
State of Ohio
State of Oklahoma
State of Rhode Island
State of South Carolina
State of South Dakota
State of Tennessee
State of Utah
State of Vermont
State of Virginia
State of West Virginia
State of Wisconsin
State of Wyoming
Tennessee Department of Treasury
The Collaborative
TN Stars
University of Arizona
University of San Diego
USA Today